Chef Zhao Kitchen

Chef Zhao Kitchen is located in the city of Palo Alto, CA. We are proudly serving traditional Shanghainese Cuisine.

Shanghai Fusion, also known as Hu cuisine, is a popular style of southern Chinese food. It refers to complex and developed styles of cooking under profound influence of those of the surrounding provinces, Jiangsu and Zhe-Jiang province. Shanghainese dishes usually appear red and shiny because they are often pickled in soy sauce. They are cooked using a variety of methods including baking, stewing, braising, steaming and deep-frying. Sugar is the most important condiment in Shanghainese cuisine, especially when used in combination with Soy sauce.

After a year and half of waiting on remodel and decoration of the new restaurant. Chef Zhao Kitchen had their grand opening on May 27th, 2016. In the city of Palo Alto, Embarcadero shopping Plaza.

Chef Zhao Kitchen have 3 individual private dining room which are intimate and suitable for any small events. Our dedicated staff will ensure that every detail of your event is attended to. The menu will be innovatively selected, arranging private dining events to set the tone perfectly for our guests. We also offer Business Catering and Party tray service. Let our staff know the details and they will make it right.

Chef Zhao

Executive Chef Zhao Jun started his career in 30 years ago. Before he came to California, he owned and operated two restaurants in Shanghai, China. In 2003, Chef Zhao and his family opened the first Shanghainese restaurant, Hometown Favorite, in the city of Fremont. Hometown Favorite is a small restaurant that serves the locals with catering and take-outs.

In 2006, Chef Zhao and his family moved their business to Milpitas Square in the city of Milpitas. Shanghai Delight was opened in June of that year. The expanded restaurant is larger in size and can fits more people with an updated menu. In 2008, Chef Zhao expanded their restaurant to Mercado Square in Union City, Little Potato, which primarily serves fast Chinese food that focused on take-outs catered to local neighbors.

In May of 2011, Chef Zhao and family sold their entire businesses to further invest their restaurant operation in the city of Cupertino. Shanghai Garden soon opened. In Cupertino, Chef Zhao invented his most popular items, including Pan-Fried Pork Bun, Steam Pork Bun, Fish Gluten, and his famous Dong Po Pork.

With Chef Zhao's 30 years of experience in culinary industry, he is enthusiastically engaged and dedicated his entire time in researching, cooking, and developing new menus to deliver joy and surprises in his food to everyone.


Chef Zhao Kitchen
2180 W Bayshore Rd, Ste 120
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 485-2221